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They are. I just finished watching this series , and would highly recommend it for anyone interested in music history. I enthusiastically look forward to other music documentaries by Howard Goodall.

Big Bangs: Five Musical Revolutions by Howard Goodall

After watching Sgt. What The Beatles proved once and for all is that this idea is hopelessly and absurdly wrong. There are very, very few composers in history whose work changed all the music that followed it: Beethoven was one, Wagner was another. To detail the flaws and frustrations of a system designed to assist victims, news anchor All the world is a classroom as Building Big takes viewers on an absorbing, enlightening journey through historical and technological advances that inspired ancient and modern engineers alike to build higher, longer, deeper and stronger in constructing the bridges, domes, skyscrapers, dams When cancer strikes, people react with intense fear and acute anxiety at its seemingly sudden appearance.

When the rebels entered Freetown, Sierra Leone, on January 6, , they threatened to kill every journalist they met.

Howard Goodall - Biography

The next day, Sorious Samura ventured out with a camera, and began to cover a story that typifies the kind of courageous journalism the Peabody Awards have always been proud to honor. Captured by the rebels, he was taken to their base, beaten and punished, and finally allowed to film on the condition that if the rebels appeared in In , one woman filed for medical accident coverage resulting from an auto accident claim.

Her situation let to a month investigation of this process by executive producer Neal Shapiro, senior producer Allan Maraynes, producer Lynne Dale, correspondent John Of all his books, Charles Dickens wrote he liked David Copperfield best, and this star-studded adaptation by Adrian Hodges is also the best.

Throughout this fully-developed, lavish production, the true meaning of family is explored as the orphaned David becomes a part of many families and finally finds love through marriage For more than thirty years the United States government has struggled to stamp out the use of illegal drugs. Under the direction of senior executive producer David Fanning, As part of a larger public service effort, the documentary Hearts and Minds sympathetically follows the lives of four teens with the diagnosis of mental illness thus encouraging other young people to seek help.

Commissioned by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare and produced by Idaho Public Television under the guidance of executive producer Bruce Reichert and health and welfare project manager Ann Kirkwood, the program shows how people with a diagnosis of mental illness can and Goodall contends that without these moments—Big Bangs—music would not have evolved over the past millennium from the simplicity of medieval plainchant into the polyphony of musical riches today.

This liberating innovation enables music to be recorded on Affectionately known as King Gimp, Daniel Keplinger has cerebral palsy and his outward demeanor is characterized by the flailing limbs and sputtered dialogue symptomatic of this disease.

Howard Goodall

But inside this young man roars an artist whose heart, spirit and resolve are awe-inspiring in their magnitude. In Mr.

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Going far beyond the formulaic constraints of most contemporary American sitcoms, Malcolm in the Middle revolves around a suburban family in Anytown, America. The lead character, Malcolm—a precocious year old boy with an I. This innovative program stands apart because it delves into the comedic underbelly of an unusual American household. Devoid of a laugh track, Malcolm in the From humble beginnings in January, , in Long Beach, California, Marketplace has grown into one of the most-listened-to daily business and financial news programs in the United States. No longer a one-dimensional caricature of a diminutive tyrant with his hand thrust inside his vest, the Napoleon of this enlightening four-part series is a full-bodied portrait of a military leader whose historic impact is still felt today.

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The series is marked by insightful commentary from historians supported by live action reenactments, beautiful footage from numerous locations in Europe, and Good journalism, high ethical standards, and strong ratings are compatible. Martin Marty Haag, and for 27 years he followed it as he played a key role in transforming WFAA-TV in Dallas, Texas, from a typical news operation to one of the consistently best local news organizations in the U. From interviews with a man whose life Racy and vivid in a narrative full of colourful characters and graphic illustrations of technical processes, he also gives a wonderful sense of the culture of trial and error and competition, be it in 11th-century Italy or 19th-century America, in which all progress takes place.

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Big Bangs opens a window on the crucial moments in our musical culture - discoveries that made possible everything from Bach to The Beatles - and tells us a riveting story of a millennium of endeavour. Toggle Dropdown Advanced Search. Status Available.