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The Music Lovers: A Harry Stoner Mystery

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A motel clerk wants somebody to pick up the loser registered as Harry Stoner who just tried to kill himself. When the real Stoner gets to the Encantada Motel, he finds his old college roommate nearly dead and too many memories still alive. Harry Stoner, Ira Lessing had everything to live for: money, a beautiful wife, good friends, and a reputation that would do credit to a saint.

But Lessing disappeared one hot July night, and Stoner knew in his gut that the man was dead. Years on the street had taught Stoner that no man is what he seems. Peeling away layers to the bone would reveal what had become of Lessing. It would lead Stoner into the underbelly of Cincinnati By acts of love Clients never tell the whole story. Detective Harry Stoner has seen better days. It's the middle of January and business is slower than a crawl. Curled up in his office with a paperback mystery, a little classical music on the radio, and a bottle of Scotch, Harry's ready to cut his losses and hibernate until spring.

The only problem is that Harry's been living off Visa credit and Christmas cash, and the money faucet is beginning to run dry. Enter Leon Tubin, an odd little man with worn trousers but a pocketful of cash. Mason Greenleaf - good teacher, good friend, fond lover - vanishes from his Mount Adams home one hot summer afternoon, leaving a haunting mystery behind him.

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For his fellow teachers, former students, and friends, his disappearance is inexplicable and tragic. For his lover, Cindy Dorn, it is a cruel blow that shakes the very foundations of her world. She calls Harry Stoner for help. Soon after, Greenleaf turns up dead in a sleazy hotel. The police call it a suicide - Stoner believes there's more to the story.

As Stoner delves into the apparent suicide, disturbing questions surface about Greenleaf's past, questions about his sexual life. Our best reps know our booksellers so well that they will recommend advance copies for early reading. In a sense, I call them wholesale hand-sellers. They help us find the books that we then tell you about.

Fort George Island: Neff House and Betz Sphere

And if you come back to us, thrilled with your newly discovered treasure, we'll go back to them and thank them for the find. One thing that has become commonplace in the industry is sales rep presentations to booksellers. Many regional trade organizations organize them formally; there's a series in Chicago, for example. This tradition goes back decades; it was over thirty years ago that a bunch of us gathered in David Schwartz's home to hear from representatives at right, a book that was featured at my the first evening I attended. Sales reps are brought in now to do presentations at our trade conferences too.

At rep-arounds, booksellers eat lunch while sales reps and sales managers move from table to table pitching upcoming and sometimes just-released titles of interest. If you enjoy my book presentations that I do on new releases book clubs, and holiday book suggestions at Boswell, the Shorewood and Elm Grove Libraries, the Woman's Club, on the radio, and wherever I happen to be booked , I am just cribbing from the style of our best reps.

If you shop at Boswell, you already might be familiar with Mr. He actually came up with the idea of the sales rep recommends display and had his picks up for about a year. Right now we have three other reps offering their picks, and we'll be doing a little more rotation this fall. But what author should he connect with? Matching authors into these presentations is a fine art. You have to work with a book you like, and you have to have an author who is game for this alternate format with a slightly shorter presentation.

Metapsychology Online Reviews

We wound up having a lot of book clubs pick this book as a selection; we also wound up having the third best sales at an independent according to the Edelweiss inventory program in the country, despite the book not being set here and the author not being from here. And of course in this case it had to be a book that was in Jason's sales bag.

And then a delightful thing happened. The Most Fun We've Ever Had is a newly released hardcover that has been selling particularly strongly in the Milwaukee area, according to Bookscan. The author is a delight, from everyone I have talked to. And the book is family drama set in and around Chicago, and we do love Chicago novels. Though the rest of the state doesn't think of Chicago as regional, much of Southeast Wisconsin has strong connections.

It's funny, it's warm, it's heartbreaking, and the writing is beautiful. And you know I love a good sister novel and this one has four. What more can you want? David and Marilyn seem to have the perfect marriage, at least from the perspective of their four kids - Wendy, Violet, Liza, and Grace. But their kids are not having an easy time of it. Wendy is a self-medicating widow, Violet is an anxious, have-it-all mom of four, Liza is pregnant but her husband is struggling with depression, and Grace, struggling to live in the shadow of her wealthier Wendy and Violet or even middle class Grace sisters, has lied to the family about her professional prospects.

And things take a turn when Wendy makes a big discovery that bring another member of the family into the mix. The list goes on - Boudreaux has a great eye. In a sense, the book reminds me of one of her early acquisitions at Hachette, Your Heart Is a Muscle the Size of a Fist, in that it skillfully captures several characters' perspectives. Boudreaux also obviously has an ability to find humorous novels with enough depth and heart to be taken seriously by critics. I know what you're thinking - why can't you get an editor in conversation with one of their authors.

I would like nothing more, and I've tried.

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It's not easy! Boudreaux's new home at Doubleday is also her homecoming. It's where she started though folks aware of changes in publishing note that it's now part of the Knopf division of Penguin Random House and not the independent publishing house of of the Doubleday family they later owned the Mets that owned book clubs and thus made lighter-than-air books with their own printing presses. I love how Jaclyn Fulwood in Shelf Awareness notes that Lombardo always has one more surprise up her sleeve.

The Most Fun We Ever Had is a great literary novel that also has an escapist element - and enough plot to keep you turning the pages. I'm fascinated by how Lombardo supposedly came to the Iowa Writers Workshop with this work in progress, and was able to finely form it into the book it became. It turned out that Rebecca Makkai author of The Great Believers , which I'm sure you know already was one of her teachers at the program, and she's one of the book's biggest advocates. I'm not going to lie. Would do both? Is this the literary equivalent of a Phishhead?

Maybe Can't make our event on Tuesday? Publicists are the unsung heroes of publishing. They get little credit when things go well, but are blamed when things go badly, or at least they were in my day. Did I mention I was a publicist before I was a bookseller? Only 75 times? From Dave Luhrssen in Shepherd Express : " Milwaukee Jazz displays the surprisingly rich history of jazz in our city through an array of black and white photographs from the s through the present.

Author Joey Grihalva gathered photos of most of the prominent jazz performers with ties to the city, and drops in a few shots of national artists who played the Jazz Gallery in its original s incarnation. This book was the Book Preview event for this week's Shepherd Express. As his wife lies dying in the brutally cold winter of , Henrik Halvorsen takes his daughter Fern away with him. He captains a great coal-fired vessel, the Manitou, transporting railroad cars across the icy lake. The five-year-old girl revels in the freedom of the ferry, making friends with a stowaway cat and a gentle young deckhand.

The sighting of a ghost ship, though, presages danger for all aboard. Alan Keyes takes a break from his police duties to scratch his acting itch in a local stage production. Alan soon learns the theater has a deadly past and ghostly forebodings, including a telegram that seems to have come from the beyond.

Reverend Willie Maxwell was a rural preacher accused of murdering five of his family members in the s who escaped justice until a relative shot him dead at the funeral of his last victim. It lays bare the inner life of a woman who had a world-class gift for hiding.