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  1. Why keep goats?
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Why keep goats?

Along with all the love, fun, and enjoyment you can receive from your goats, comes one problem that is not often discussed; what to do when you have a goat in your herd, of any breed, that is churlish, difficult to deal with, mean, nasty, or a general pain in the neck? I realize that folks can have considerable sums of money tied up in a goat and have a hard time justifying sending them to the processor, but, owning animals is a responsibility and part of that responsibility is to not pass your problems on to an unsuspecting individual.

Please do not pass an unwieldy goat on to an unsuspecting new owner! How will you feel if you sell one of these unpredictable animals to someone and the new owner gets hurt?

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Why do some goats, especially bucks, develop these problems? Usually it is because the buck was kept by himself. Goats are herd animals and need the companionship of other goats to keep their healthy attitudes. When kept alone, a buck will be constantly seeking out a play mate. When you go into his pen, you automatically become his play mate! A game of head butt with a full grown buck will be memorable to say the least. You will not only learn about goats, but you will also make invaluable new friends, meet like-minded folks, and build networking opportunities. We have a great book available with lots of information about raising goats.

Goat Diseases

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