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Jean-Louis Gand

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Larston Jeans Soft Walk. Larston Jeans Crystal Blue. Larston Jeans Ice Flow. An heir to Goya , Blake , and Rops, he has developed an original monotype technique that combines engraving with live figure drawing in a reversal of traditional processes: the paper is first drawn with pierre noir and reworked with acrylic before receiving a print from a copper plate marked with spit-bite and drypoint.


The finished print captures all elements with exceptional transparency, bringing its subject to light in the true sense of illumination. In Bougie's work, engraving is a process that both opens and seals spaces. Desire and imagination inhabit matter in unexpected ways, and appearance is literally cast in a different light through highlights and illumination , giving us back a bit of ourselves. Throughout his career, he has promoted the work of Quebec printmakers both locally and outside Canada.

He has also collaborated closely with writers and poets.

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  • An encounter with this body of work offers insight into the complicities that mark our experience of certain locations and artistic creations. A significant part of Louis-Pierre Bougie's printed oeuvre involves a dialogue with poetry in the form of collaborative exhibitions and, above all, artist's books that bring together the artistry of typographers , printmakers, poets , and bookbinders.

    Louis-Pierre Bougie

    Working closely with the authors, he contributes a distinctive sensibility that is both rough and sensitive, abrasive and idyllic. F , which would be marked by an attack by wolves as well as the heat of the desert. He would be attacked by bandits, dodged gunfire, came nose-to-nose or to muzzle with a tiger in India, escaped illness… but arrived safely!. With letters of introduction that would help him with administrative procedures and with border-crossings, it would be clippings from local newspapers that he would show to suspicious police and customs officers.

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    It's the heart of Indochina with intense traffic of an airplane a minute for each minute of the day. It's closed at night. Saigon residents can travel to the interior of Indochina thanks to companies such as C.

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    Return to the menu page : [Saigon] The newspapers In the beginning of the 50's there were 29 daily papers, 14 of which were in Vietnamese, 11 in Chinese, and 4 in French, sharing a clientele of , readers.