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Updated for the print edition, Remember to Forget presents the Wattpad sensation that has amassed over 14 million reads. See our price match guarantee. See how a store is chosen for you. Loading, please wait Free 2-Day Shipping.

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About this item. Specifications Number of Pages: Description Since the tragic death of his girlfriend, Delia, Levi can't seem to come out of his depression--refusing to speak as long as Delia remains silenced. Artist and James share this experience, and the pieces of their past are mixed together. I paid off a lot of debt, lost a lot of weight, got a promotion at work. In short, I figured some shit out. Originally, I thought I would make a film, and that would save me, pull me out of the debt and misery. But the opposite happened; I started putting my life together with the pieces I had, and through that was able to start creating again.

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And THAT is why I feel confident that this is the story I am meant to tell, and that this film will be worth every hour worked on and every dollar donated and spent. Do you feel the spark? Have you ever gone out for the night trying to forget everything you went through during the day, the week, the year? She had no idea that a band was even playing that night. But there they were, playing away, with James on guitar. James, who catches her eye, who looks back…. Before you know it, Artist and James are on an artistic meetcute.

The quips are flying like a Tarantino festival! These two artistes look like they are starting a beautiful…. Flashes of the past, present, and even future invade their subconscious. Movies cost money. You know that. The major of that funding will go towards the two weeks of shooting in February, with at least half dedicated to the camera department and locations. The other half will go towards expenses such as food, art department, and potential upgrades to camera equipment. This number is not out of thin air, but based on quotes from our DP and Art Department and based on my previous filmmaking speed and process.

But of course a feature is a much bigger endeavor. There are several aspects of filmmaking that can fall apart at any moment: locations can no longer be available, an actor may get sick or decide to move, even something like another film coming along that is similar. I've already dealt with all of these issues even up to this point in the project.

Originally I was aiming for November to shoot, but I realized that if I didn't get every aspect of preparation right the film might be made but not at the standard we are going for.

To Remember, the Brain Must Actively Forget

That is why we are now shooting in February. And we are far more prepared now and are well on our way to be ready. Full disclosure, we are putting a lot of stock in this specific fundraiser, but I give you my full confidence that this is the last major piece we need, and your fund will go fully toward this project on it's current schedule. Thank you very much for your understanding and support.

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Ok, now we're talking. You're putting money in this mofo, and I'm sure you want to see it in action. This most likely will be a temporary private link but if we are destined for cinema greatness this could be something much bigger!

Remember to Forget Me

No matter what you'll be in the know! We're gonna show off this bastard in a theater as soon as we get the chance. And I don't mean a projector in my living room which I do have, it's great! And we want you there! You want something to remember this momentous event by? Well I've got something that will do the trick: A signed 11x17 poster! By me and whoever I can get to agree to sign with me!

How Can I Remember to Forget - Sara Paxton (Lyrics)

I'm sure Steven Spielberg is busy but if I can somehow convince him to sign it he'll be on it too he won't! And you get all the other shizznah!

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Shipping option is available in US. Ok, if you are giving this much money, I am humbled beyond words at your faith in this project. So much so that I want to make sure the world knows that! How will I do that? I'll write you a song! That's right my friend, I'll make a track in your honor on any topic, and I'll sing it too! And I promise it won't be acapella into an iPhone mic I am your muse master! Holy cripes that's cool!

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Ok gang, here's the deal: in case you've gotten this far into the Kickstarter and have missed the point, we need money. If you pledge this amount I will do any task you want me to that can be accomplished in hours!