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Arkansas Traveler Quilt Block
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The following year, Jones and several others in San Francisco began planning a memorial to both commemorate people who had died of AIDS and bring about awareness of the disease's devastating impact. Nearly 30 years and 14 million visitors later, here are images from around the country. Matlovich , a gay Vietnam veteran. Before his death in , Matlovich became the face of the fight against homosexual discrimination in the military—his story of being discharged after coming out to his superiors in a powerful letter has lived on as an inspiration to those who followed him.

By then, 70, names had been sewn into the Quilt.

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As part of health class, seventh graders at Maine's Mildred L. Here, student Michelle Pimpare is applying puff paint around a heart on her square in There are quilt names mentioned in old diaries or journals kept by the women who made quilts. However, the few diaries that do mention a quilt by name, usually fail to describe the quilt or give any hint to what the pattern looked like much less any type of drawing , leaving us to guess the pattern that the quilter is writing about.

Other mid century periodicals published patterns occasionally, and references to quilts and patterns appeared with increased frequency as the number of magazines increased in number.

One of the earliest patchwork quilt patterns, this nine patch variation, was called "a Plain Block" in the Ladies Home Journal in When these 3" blocks were made, in the second quarter of the 19th Century, it may have just been called a nine patch. Another example of early pattern names being descriptive, when this quilt was made, c, it was probably called Diamond in Square.

The AIDS Quilt: A Photo Gallery

This 's quilt made in Ohio using the Hovering Hawks pattern. It was with the merchandising of these quilt patterns in these periodicals and subsequent quilt pattern mail order companies that we see quilt patterns illustrated and named with regularity. With an interest in increasing the number of women readers by offering columns of interest to them, these periodicals encouraged women to submit quilt patterns by designing new patterns or by sending in old family quilt patterns.

This is a modern version of the Crown of Thorns pattern, and is only one of many patterns with a Scriptural name. During the next 50 years the number of patterns in print increased greatly with publications featuring these quilt columns and illustrating patterns submitted by readers and supplying new patterns on a regular basis.

Quilting on Main Street: Seven Ways To Name Your Quilt

Periodicals employed designers with art backgrounds to run quilt pattern columns and design new patterns. These quilt designers added a new 20th Century sophistication to the repertoire of patterns available to the quilter. It was also during this period that a cottage industry was born, with women selling quilt patterns and kits from their own home based businesses. The number of patterns available multiplied with the abundance of periodicals, newspapers and cottage industries selling quilt patterns.

This is a Flower Basket quilt made in Pennsylvania, c Basket patterns have many names.

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While we would like to think that every pattern has a name, there are still patterns that have no proper name, and amusingly, many patterns have more than one name. This can be frustrating to a quilt owner who wants a proper name for her quilt.

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There have been several quilt historians who have endeavored to index the thousands of known quilt patterns and they have done an exceptional job of it. This indexing has also illustrated the fact that many patterns have several known names, and often these names are unrelated.

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I now realize that not every pattern has a name, that there is no correct name for any design, and that some of the names we take for granted as authentic nineteenth century folklore actually have relatively short histories. Friendship Garden quilt block, a remnant of a 's quilt. Possibly named because of the convenient space in the middle for signing names.

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The Friendship Garden block was used to draft the pattern for this crib quilt top. Made recently with 's reproduction fabrics. Quilt pattern names reflect all aspects of life. Please also bear in mind that we reserve the right to edit any content that may be upsetting to visitors of this website.

Q: What is this quilt block's name?... A: Glorified Nine Patch

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