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Having said that, here are the C. Harris books in order for her wonderful historical mystery series, which I adore, as well as the Jax Alexander thriller series she co-authored with her husband under the pen name C.

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Sebastian St. Cyr Books in Order:

Sort By: Bestsellers. When Falcons Fall by C. Harris series Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery 11 Sebastian St. Cyr is drawn into a murder investigation in a deceptively peaceful English village in this gripping historical mystery from the national bestselling author of Why Kill the Innocent.

Who Speaks for the Damned

Ayleswick-on-Teme, Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, and his wife, Hero, have come to this deceptively peaceful Shropshire village to honor a slain friend. But when the body of a young widow is Read more Cyr Mystery by C. Then the body of a beautiful young woman is found savagely murdered on the altar steps of an ancient church near Who Buries the Dead by C. Cyr Mystery 10 The grisly murder of a West Indies slave owner and the reappearance of a dangerous enemy from Sebastian St. London, The vicious decapitation of Stanley Preston, a wealthy, socially ambitious plantation owner, at Bloody Bridge draws Sebastian St.

Where Shadows Dance by C. Harris delivers in her Sebastian St.

Cyr mystery series reaches new heights as the aristocratic sleuth navigates dangerous political waters to bring a murderer to justice…Regency London: July How do you set about solving a murder no one can reveal has been committed? Cyr and his new reluctant bride, the fiercely independent Hero Jarvis, find themselves involved in an intrigue concerning the myth of King Arthur, Camelot, and a future poet laureate In addition, the continual presence of Sebastian's former lover, Kat, is contrived and really just serves to spoil his burgeoning relationship with Hero.

We don't want to hear about how he'll always love Kat, we want to feel how he is beginning to love Hero. Harris is a fine writer s who uses language and imagery in a lovely way, so it is hard to say that reading any Sebastian. Cyr novel is ever unpleasant. However, in terms of the series, this is definitely a disappointment. It feels like a placeholder and perhaps it is.

I will hope that the next entry is back up to the high standards of Harris and the series. View 1 comment.

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Sep 22, Veronica rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-mystery. Four and a half stars Time doesn't elapse very quickly between books in this series. I think the eight months between books three and four have been the longest stretch of time so far. This time we're dealing with the shortest time interval as only four days have passed since the end of the last book, an ending that saw Sebastian and Hero facing a new, scary, and exciting future.

Whether or not they do it together, however, is the question. The feelings between Sebastian and Hero are deepening and I am loving seeing them both slowly realize it. It's a sure bet that neither one would have ever admitted to seeing this coming. But even as deepening emotions start to weave themselves into an already established physical attraction, there is still a certain level of wariness between them. No one knows better than Hero about the animosity that exists between Sebastian and her father, Lord Jarvis. One gets the feeling that Jarvis is just waiting for the right opportunity to crush Sebastian once and for all and Hero finds herself caught between these two important men in her life.

Jarvis casts a long shadow in this fledgling relationship and whether or not it can survive divided loyalties is something that neither Sebastian or Hero can easily answer. I love his habit of coming upon Hero unawares and just taking a few moments to watch her doing ordinary things, as if it amazes him. Just lovely. And the ending, again, leaves me excited to see what comes next. The mystery itself pulls on various Arthurian legends as well as the usual issues of the then current political landscape.

Once again, I think things get a bit murky in the middle but it all evens out in the end. And if I'm honest, it doesn't bother me because the main draw here for me is just seeing how the various characters interact with each other. It's the human drama that makes me invest.

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The rest is just nice window dressing. And since I am wholly invested in seeing the relationships between Sebastian and Hero, and Sebastian and Hendon, evolve I am in for the long haul. Oct 22, Kim rated it liked it Shelves: kindle , crime-fiction. Like lots of other crime fiction writers, Harris has a formula for these books and she pretty much sticks to it.

Why Kings Confess (Sebastian St. Cyr, #9) Audiobook - P.1

The above proceeds with the accompaniment of the requisite number of red herrings and a good sprinkling of historical information to set the narrative in place and time. This particular instalment involves Arthurian legend, French prisoners of war and the Tennyson family. Formulaic writing does not make good literature and that is certainly true of this novel. However, it's not all that's wrong with the writing.

I wrote in my review of the sixth novel in the series, Where Shadows Dance , that Harris brought out my inner pedant. The same applies in this instalment. For example, Harris uses language to set the novel in place and time, using some particular expressions to help re-create London. I don't have a problem with her doing that: the use of language is a central characteristic of the work of Georgette Heyer, who virtually created the Regency romance genre and to whom Harris clearly owes a debt.

However, if a writer is going to use that technique, then it's best to avoid, for example, Americanisms. Somehow I doubt that a cook working in a genteel London household in made "oatmeal cookies". There are other examples of sloppy use of language. This word does not mean what Harris or her editor apparently think it means.

Sebastian St. Cyr Books in Order: How to read C.S. Harris Series? - How To Read Me

In addition, Harris has a thing for the verb "to hunker down", which is used to excess. This expression also featured heavily in Where Shadows Dance. How hard would it be to find a synonym? I can think of about six without consulting a thesaurus. There's nothing particularly unusual about formulaic writing in crime fiction and I'm not entirely sure why it bothers me in this series, or why I focus on linguistic quirks which might not concern me otherwise.

But those aspects of the writing do annoy me, even if not quite enough to stop me reading the series altogether. I've been wondering why I persist with it and I don't really know the answer.

Maybe it's just that since I practically grew up on Georgette Heyer romances, the Regency period appeals to me.